Journal Publications
Determining Directions of Service Quality Management using Online Review Mining with Interpretable Machine Learning
Shin, J., Joung, J.*, and Lim C.* (2024)
International Journal of Hospitality Management (Accepted, IF=11.7, JCR 2022 Top 8%)

Contextual Meaning-based Approach to Fine-grained Online Product Review Analysis for Product Design
Park, K., Park, S., and Joung, J.* (2024)
IEEE Access (Accepted, IF=3.9, JCR 2022 Q2)

Investigation of Customer Preference Changes Following COVID-19 Market Disruption using Online Review Analysis
Park, S., Lin, K., Joung, J., and Kim, H.M.* (2023)
Proceedings of the Design Society  🌐URL

Interpretable machine learning-based approach for customer segmentation for new product development from online product reviews
Joung, J. and Kim, H.M.* (2023)
International Journal of Information Management (IF=21, JCR 2021 Top 1%)  🌐URL

Spec guidance for engineering design based on data mining and neural networks
Park, S., Joung J., and Kim, H.M.* (2023)
Computers in Industry (IF=11.245, JCR 2021 Top 4%)  🌐URL

Combining life cycle assessment and online customer reviews to design more sustainable products - Case study on a printing machine
Saidani, M., Joung, J., Kim, H.M., and Yannou, B. (2022)
Procedia CIRP  🌐URL

Explainable neural network-based approach to Kano categorization of product features from online reviews
Joung, J. and Kim, H.M.* (2021)
International Journal of Production Research, (IF=9.2, JCR 2020 Top 2%)  🌐URL

Approach for Importance–Performance Analysis of Product Attributes From Online Reviews
Joung, J. and Kim, H.M.* (2021)
Journal of Mechanical Design (IF=3.3, JCR 2019 Q2)  🌐URL

Automated Keyword Filtering in Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Identifying Product Attributes From Online Reviews
Joung, J. and Kim, H.M.* (2021)
Journal of Mechanical Design (IF=3.3, JCR 2019 Q2)  🌐URL

Data-Driven Approach to Dual Service Failure Monitoring From Negative Online Reviews: Managerial Perspective
Joung, J., Kim, K.H., and Kim, K.* (2021)
SAGE Open (IF=1.356)  🌐URL

Customer Complaints Analysis using Text mining and Outcome-driven Innovation Method for Market-oriented Product Development
Joung, J., Jung, K., Ko, S., and Kim, K.* (2019)
Sustainability, (IF=3.251, JCR 2017 Q2)  🌐URL

Semi-automatic Extraction of Technological Causality from Patents
Kim, H., Joung, J., and Kim, K.* (2018)
Computers & Industrial Engineering (IF=5.431, JCR 2016 Q1)  🌐URL

Monitoring Emerging Technologies for Technology Planning using Technical Keyword based Analysis from Patent Data
Joung, J. and Kim, K.* (2017)
Technological Forecasting and Social Change (IF=8.593, JCR 2015 Top 6%)  🌐URL

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